About Us

OPTIMAL Graphics & Business Services was established as a go to place for all of your design and business needs. At OPTIMAL, we believe in providing a service or product that is budget friendly and allows you to focus your dollar in other places.  Our goal is to take your vision and put it on paper for a price you can’t get anywhere else.

You can get standard run of the mill graphic services practically anywhere nowadays, even overseas. But we think your business is way to important to settle for mediocre service. We provide top-notch service, short turn around times, and cheap prices to help you keep your focus where it belongs, on your business. We will make sure you are taken care of from start to finish and leave you 100% satisfied every time, guaranteed.

Don’t settle on your graphic needs… give us a call! Let us show you OPTIMAL results.


Amanda Cox
Owner / Founder
Hi! My name is Amanda and I’m the owner here at OPTIMAL Graphics.  I started OPTIMAL Graphics & Business Services back in 2012 when I ventured out of the employee world and into the new world of owning and operating a business. I have always had a knack for graphics and design, starting a young age when I used to doodle fashion designs in various notebooks and sketch pads.  Through my school years I was always a self starter and enjoyed developing, creating, and designing a variety of different types of art and graphics. This is where my true love of computer graphics started to bloom. In 2005, I became a part of the Check A Pro team. Over the years spent at Check A Pro, I was given the opportunity to allow my knowledge of graphic design and website design to grow and expand. This is also where I gained my extensive knowledge in daily business operations from an administrative standpoint. Now that I have the role of a business owner, I fully understand what an undertaking it is to run your business on a daily business. This is where my vision for OPTIMAL became clear.  The goal behind OPTIMAL was to give businesses, or individuals, a place to come and get the help they needed with graphics, websites and other business services without having to pay an arm and a leg to do so, while also providing reliability and availability for the high paced small business owners and large companies alike. I invite you to browse the site, ask questions, or give me a call to discuss your business needs.